A few weeks ago, Jonaven Moore broke away from his self-built surf hut on the big island of Hawaii, headed into town and dropped a freshly inked contract in the mail. A couple days later, an envelope arrived at the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate and Jonaven became the fifth member of the SDS’s pro team. Based out of Whistler, BC, he joins the original four Icons of the Insurgency who signed on with Rome last winter—Greg Wilson, Jesse Fox, Matt Downey and Vic Lowrance.

After years of filming with Tree Top and a part in Standard’s Optigrab in 2001, Jonaven focused his film work with Justin Hostynek’s Vivid project last season. Despite a knee-to-chin shattering of his jaw that put him on a couch for most of the season, he produced a solid part that combines his signature of backcountry kickers and technical big mountain lines—riding that blends park jumps and cliffed-out spines.

Rome couldn’t be more stoked on the new addition to the team. “From a riding perspective, Jonaven is the perfect fit for where we’re coming from here at Rome—to us, his riding says ‘fuck the idea of trying to classify snowboarding into different boxes called riding styles'”, says Josh Reid, Rome’s Director of Marketing. “Over the last few years, he’s been one of very few riders in the world who are blurring the distinction between technical freestyle and big mountain snowboarding.”

Beyond his riding, Jonaven will also have a huge impact on the design side of the Syndicate. When it comes to driving board development and voicing his opinion to change a product, there are few other riders who are as dialed as he is. Having worked with both of Rome’s founders on product design in a former lifetime, he will most likely get involved in the development of the Anthem and one of the new series that Rome will introduce at Vegas in January. And the shit will ride better because of it.

Looking forward to his coming winter, Jonaven plans to plant himself in front of the 16mm camera once again to create the next video part to document the evolution of his riding. From the Whistler backcountry, to inner BC, to Alaska, to Superpark, look for more ridiculous lines and smooth backside 180s.