John Griber-Like A Rock

Jackson Hole’s John Griber launched into the starring role of a television commercial forChevy trucks, pushing freeriding further into the public spotlight. From the backcounty to your television,here’s a few words from another snowboarding success story.

How did you get the contract?

My agent,Ann Krcik from Extreme Connection, cast me for the spot and I scored.

Did you get a truck out of thedeal?

Oh yeah, they gave me this S-10 ZR2 fully loaded rig to use for the year, then I have the option tobuy it for a smokin’ deal at the end of the lease. How was the experience working with the Chevypeople? They were a great group. They had a little bit of a hard time filming the boarding. My first shot wasa simple pow turn, and after I ripped through this sweet field the cinematographer yells down, “That wasprobably pretty nice, but next time go slower so I can film you.” That was the start of a very long weekend.These guys are great at what they do: film cars, people around cars, and nonaction stuff, but they were alittle off the back on snowboard filming. The spot came out better than I expected.

Did Chevy make amove away from the U.S. team for more of a freeride feel?

I don’t know what the deal was with theteam. They picked me due to the look and age of the people they were marketing the truck for.

Was it ahigh-budget deal?

I wouldn’t call it any more extravagant than other commercials. I mean, everything waspaid for from the moment I flew from Jackson to L.A. They didn’t have a budget for a heli though. If I wasgiven the money they spent on that commercial to film some real riding, we would have killed it.

Did youmake some coin out of the venture?


Was it cool to see yourself on TV?

Yes, but what wasmuch cooler was all the attention. Friends calling who I haven’t spoken with in ten years, people in thegrocery store, everywhere they were stoked and excited for me. I really didn’t tell anyone about thecommercial so it took everyone by surprise, especially in a small community. -John Chorlton