His "hurry up so I can go skate" look. photo: Muzzey

If you’re wondering why or how Joe Sexton has become such an icon over the past year, all you have to do is watch his ender part in CHEERS. He’s got skills for days—and think about it, he’s in a movie with Seth Huot, JP Walker, TRJJ; if he’s got what it takes to get the ender part among this crew, you know the rookie has earned his stripes. Joe came by the office to skate the new TransWorld skatepark, so I cornered him to answer a few questions. He was itching to skate, so I made it quick.

Stats:  Age: 23 / Hometown: Apple Valley, MN / Home Mountain: Hyland Hills, MN / Now: Bear Mountain, CA

Sponsors: Stepchild, 32, etnies, Union, Bear Mountain, Von Zipper, Nixon, Cal Surf, 1817

A spread from the Gear Guide. Kinkfest. Photo: Andy Wright

A spread from the Gear Guide. Kinkfest. Photo: Andy Wright

What was the highlight of your season: Filming with my heroes.

Have you been traveling: I went to Hood, then to Camp of Champions. We also had a Signature Session at HCSC: it was me,  JP, Jeremy—sort of a People Crew session. Keegan was there, too.

Some vintage Joey:

Do you have any new sponsors: Von Zipper, I just signed up with them this summer.

What movie or video part are you dying to see? Bradshaw in In Color, Gigi Rüf's movie, and Deeper!

What was your best trip: The funnest trip was Newfoundland—first trip to a new place we'd never been. I was with Seth [Huot], Jeremy [Jones], Simon [Chamberlain], and JP [Walker].

Did you learn any new tricks? I learned how to drive a snowmobile better.

Kid loves kinks. Photo: Andy Wright

Sketchiest moment of the season? Just contemplating my life after trying a trick for 8 hours. Some of the tricks in my part were like 4 and 5 hours sessions.

Best thing you've seen on the web lately: That Dylan Reider video part.

Before you were a full-time shredder, what did you do for summer work: I worked at a meat market cleaning up blood and guts—Von Hanson's Meat Market. I was also grocery bag boy. I worked at an ice rink.

Best news you've gotten lately: My older sister Katie just got engaged, that's cool.

You got a girl? I've tried that, but I'm flying solo.

What are your plans for the upcoming winter? Film another video part? Bear early season for sure. Mainly just try to film. Try to get some backcountry shots that will get used.

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