Jibbing With Jeremy

Half Cab 50-50 To 180 Out

So here we are at the final episode. Your trick list, if well practiced, should be feeling pretty solid and proper by now. I’m going to give you a combo trick to end this column with-hopefully it’ll get you fired up to push yourself and step up your game. Good luck with all your jibbing dreams and goals-it’s an amazing part of snowboarding, no doubt!-JJ

1. Approach the rail at a slightly wider angle than for a stock 50-50, making room to pop a nice half-Cab and clear your tail over the rail. Load up for the ollie on your heel edge just a little bit.

2. As you pop, make sure to clear that tail, and then start the rotation using your shoulders. Spot where you’ll land on the rail, catching the bar a tiny bit with your heels, then rocking up to the top of the bar. (Reference Jibbing With Jeremy 50-50s from issue one.)

3. Eyeball the end of the rail while holding your solid and square 50-50 position.

4. Now, just pop a 180 out-frontside or backside, whichever suits your fancy. Backside feels more natural because you’re spinning in the same direction as your half-Cab entry. I went frontside on this one-with the front 180 your rotation is very quick! So, spot a landing, then quickly pop an ollie off, turning your shoulders and sucking your knees up to buy yourself an extra 100th of a second.

6. Stomp the trick and turn up the stoke for expanding your combo repertoire.

Tip: “Approach the rail wide and give yourself enough room to pop a nice half-Cab without hitting your tail on the rail!”