Nosepressing is the best: A true nosepress, with your board straight above the rail when lifted, shows good board control and looks pretty dope, too. It’s a great technical step from the basic 50-50s you already learned, and it’s necessary to learn nosepresses before you start spinning into slides and presses. I love pressing-it opened a whole new bag of tricks for me, and it’ll do the same for you.-J.J

1. The approaches we’ve covered so far have all been from the side of a rail, but nosepressing a box in the park is much different than pressing a rail on the street. When pressing a box, you generally take a straight-on entry-it’s a cleaner, safer approach for this trick.

2. So just like everything else, ride in a li’l crouched, ready for your ollie and lined up with the center of the box.

3. With a press, you don’t want to ollie too high. The key to a clean and easy press is your entry-you almost climb into the press. This way, you have less chance of dropping the press and tapping ’cause your weight isn’t dropping so hard and fast.

4. Once you’re in the pressed position, you’ll need to hold it by putting 75 percent of your weight on your front foot-lift your back leg to get even more press.

5. Hold the nosepress across the entire box and be prepared for any inconsistencies in the slide.

6. Now just pop a nice little nollie (nose ollie) out. Nollieing out makes a sick nosepress stand out from the rest.

Trick Tip

The key to pulling off a press is the entry. Don’t ollie too high-instead, climb into your press.