Jibbing With Jeremy Jones – Boardslide Basics

By Jeremy Jones

Now that you’ve locked down 50-50s, learning a boardslide is the next natural step. The key to a proper boardslide is choosing the best angle of approach and maintaining your weight over the rail-so you keep from licking it on your face or your back.

1. Pick your line onto the rail for a boardslide a little bit wider and with a bit more angle than for the 50-50. Not too much angle though, ’cause then you might end up “pinging” the rail with your nose on the ollie up.

2. Now that you’ve chosen your line in, crouch a little and get ready for the snap up to the rail. Timing is everything! If you snap your ollie right, with the right line in, you’ll be sliding the rail whether you want to or not.

3. After that nice ollie, turn your head, shoulders, and board (in that order) 90 degrees to the rail, and take a quick look at the spot on the rail you’ve picked to land on-square up your board on the rail between your bindings. This is the key lock-in spot for the most control.

4. As soon as you’re locked in, start looking at the end of the rail.

5. Eyeing the end of the rail throughout the entire slide is so key! If you look off to nowhereville, then nowhereville is where you’ll end up. So stay focused on the rail’s end.

6. Hold your steez all tight and square until the end of the rail.

7. Do a nice little ollie pop out, and turn your head, shoulders, and board back to forward or fakie. Stomp that piece-hit it again and again until you get that boardslide dialed.

Tip: Eyeing the end of the rail throughout the entire slide and centering your weight on the rail are the two key points you must remember when trying boardslides.