Jib of the Month

Cody Dresser has a new eyewear sponsor. That’s right, it’s PowerBar. Not only do they manufacture pocket-sized cardboard treats, sorry, that’s carbo treats, but the wrapper makes a fine pair of goggles.


Cody, a true PowerBar of a guy, frontside 180, Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon.


I walked into TransWorld’s offices the other day. Mike Lucas put some shots in front of me and asked me if I would do his job. I said “no” until he showed me pictures of one Cody Dresser. Lucas sat me at his desk and let me go with the computer. An hour later, after a few international phone calls and a thought or two, I wanted to leave, but what about Cody? A few words about the jib craze and an old friend, hell yes!

To me, it’s funny to see how things the snowboard “ubercool‘” thought were lame, and the people who did them lamer, two years ago are now le chic cool (e.g., backflips and jibs). Then I thought to myself, what does a dog do when it is starving? Naturally, it eats its own ass.

Then there is Cody. A man I am proud to call a friend. The Lion Warrior of the Yellow Abyss. Cody is one person who does not fall into the category I mentioned above. He broke the law and jibbed when it wasn’t cool. A true patriot among politicians.

I would like to take this time and use the magazine to say a personal “hello” to Cody and Dave England, after all, friendship made this sport, and long after the stock market, it will save it.