Jib Of The Month: The Zen Of Committing

It looks almost easy in a photograph, but being there would be a different story. John Noel is fully committed at this point-and commitment is the key to any good jib. Notice his eyes are focused on the raw timber ahead-and looking closer you can see the determination on his face.

There is something to be said about commitment to a jib with consequence. Take this backcountry jib, for example: the consequence factors in at ten to fifteen feet, but the jib didn’t begin and end on the timber. You see, the jib is calculated. It’s deliberate.

It started to the left of the frame, somewhere behind the mossy stone, with a commitment. At a certain point John Noel took a deep breath, exhaled, and then pointed his board.

John Noel in the Vermont backcountry. Photo: Mike Ponte