It came as no surprise that after weeks of riding The Creek in slush and dodging the increasing bare spots, that Mt. Creek was closing for the season. Not twelve hours after reading the first notice to get our butts out there and finish up the season that the East Coast has a temperature plunge just in time for the first week of spring. So to help out the diehard Jersey locals, Mt. Creek opened up for one last run.

If one thing can be said about Jersey riders is that they are used to the most varying snow conditions around. It doesn’t dump here like in Cali.—it’s ice under that man made pow. But the riders here will ride till they get kicked out and off a mountain. Jersey riders are creative and will come out under any conditions to ride. They don’t wait till it snows …they can’t …it rarely does. And it was no different on the last day at “The Creek. Even with the main gondola down and the only lift running—a crickety wooden triple—with no snow cover between it and the park, locals made up for it. Hand Plants and backflips off the slush hip, presses on the lone forty-foot rail, and the first annual end of season competition. The winner took home whatever was donated out of pockets—some change, 3 cigarette butts, 1 whole cigarette, a used day pass and some other crap. The comp was basic—who could ollie the highest over the piece of protective yellow foam without bonking it. Needless to say there were many faceplants into the foam and unfortunately, these won nothing—they were killing it on the crashes.

All in all the last day of the season was dope. Jersey locals get a bad rap sometimes simply because of the questionable conditions and the “Dirty Jersey tag, but at least they’re not a bunch of pussies who have to wait till there’s fresh powder to ride—Jersey rules!