Burlington, VT – As of February 1st, Jeremy Jones has officially joined the Burton Global Team. Based out of Salt Lake City, Jeremy is considered one of the most influential riders in snowboarding. His smooth skateboarding style combined with his street rail and backcountry skills make him one of the most progressive riders out there.

Jeremy is happy about changing things up and joining the Burton Global Team. “I have a lot of ideas, and I know Burton is going to listen and put my ideas in play really quick,” says Jeremy. “I haven’t had that opportunity in the past, so I’m really excited about it. And I think riding with a different team is going to broaden my ability as a snowboarder.”

Jeremy started riding over 15 years ago mainly because he wanted to skateboard on snow. Everything evolved from there – his riding, his style and his focus. After he was into riding for about 5 or 6 years, he wrote a business plan to convince his dad that snowboarding was a constructive way to spend his time. He’s been pro ever since.

Over the years, Jeremy has been elemental in pushing the snowboarding street rail scene and he’s made jibbing big again with his crew. “City riding is the best because we do a lot of rails,” says Jeremy. “That’s probably the most fulfillment I get out of snowboarding because some rails get pretty hard, and it feels good to accomplish those.”

Jeremy and his crew were some of the first riders to take snowboarding to the city streets, and this season he’s progressing the rail scene even further. Still, there’s a lot more to Jeremy than rail riding. Currently, Jeremy’s working with Mack Dawg Productions on their new project Shakedown filming with JP Solberg, Heikki Sorsa and Shaun White. “You can expect Jeremy to have the best video part of his career so far in Shakedown,” say Burton Team Director Rene Hansen and Burton Team Manager Dean Blotto Gray.

Even though he just joined Burton, Jeremy has already thought about his future Burton pro models. “For my all-around board, I want a 56 that’s pretty soft and easy to learn how to ride so anyone can get on it. As far as rails go, I like much smaller boards, so I want to design a smaller board based on the Burton Dominant Slick.”

Burton is excited to be working with Jeremy and helping him push his career to the next level.

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