Words and Photos: Hondo

Before we go into any details about Jeremy Jones' Further, I just want to make sure it's very, very clear that this is not a snowboarding video. When you get your hands on a copy of this DVD, or go to a premiere when it rolls into your town, don't expect a video that's molded out of the traditional formula of rider-part. No, Jeremy Jones’ Further is far from that. It's an epic story about where the human body can travel if it really sets its mind to it.


Jeremy Jones got his name blasted on the peak of Squaw Valley. That's sick as hell.

On September 7th, 2012 in Squaw Valley California, Jeremy Jones' Further premiered to a crowd of around 2000 people. If the 1,999 other people were anything like myself, they had no idea what to expect. OK, maybe they had a little idea, because the teaser was amazing. But the teaser also didn't tell the complete story of how gnarly the places Jeremy and crew traveled to.

The movie kicks off with Jeremy, Josh Dirksen, and Forest Shearer as they shred some of Hakuba, Japan's gnarliest faces. It was definitely a proper way to kick off a film of this magnitude. Those dudes rip up some of the most insane lines I'd ever seen anyone do. From there, Jeremy traveled to Svalbard,Norway, up by the North Pole where he met up with the legend, Terje Haakonson. They ride some of the most insane mountains while trying not to get eaten by polar bears. It really is a trip.


Ryland Bell, Forest Shearer, and Lucas Debart gave props while Jeremy gave an impressive speach.

While the entire movie is absolutely bananas, I think the most insane part is when Jeremy, Lucas DeBari, and Ryland Bell go to the most far out regions of Alaska. It might’ve been the first time I’ve ever had the hair on the back of my neck stand on end while watching a snowboard movie, but I won't spoil any of the details here…

If you appreciate the act of riding a snowboard you really should do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You can check it out at one of the stops of their premiere tour, or you could grab the DVD at your local shop. But really, whatever you do,  just make sure you see it.