Jeenyus Web Site Launched

June 24, 2002

San Clemente, CA — June 20, 2002 — Although it’s the middle of summer and the thought of snowboarding may be the furthest from you mind, Jeenyus Snowboards is proud to announce the launch of their 2002/03 Jeenyus website and the beginning of a new era in snow-based Internet entertainment. For those web-surfing junkies that have read enough and need to go backslash off the lip, click now, to check out the world according to Jeenyus at

For additional information about the site and general corporate mumbo-jumbo, keep reading.

A large group of web surfers clicked around the “outta sight site for weeks before the launch, ensuring the massive homepage was stable enough for the majority of Internet users. So, if you go there and see nothing, don’t be alarmed. It’s not the site that’s broken; it’s just that your computer needs to be updated.

“Don’t get left in the snow dust. Do something, quick, or you’ll miss out on all the team updates and product information.

Unlike other websites where the phrase “constantly updated is as pathetic of a claim as “check out this 10 foot air to misty from the mouth of an ill-equipped novice atop an undervert halfpipe, is committed to “constant updates with random blurbs and snow-related nuances to be featured within the savory Nouget section.

Quality control experts at the Information Department of the Jeenyus headquarters have already predicted a solid foundation for the site. “Our servers are completely and totally backed-up. They haven’t dumped a site in over two years. They’re totally backed-up, and we feel confident that they’ll be backed-up to all hell for the coming months. Only time will tell when it’ll take a dump.

Additionally, if you desire to knowledge about Jeenyus, its team, or the lineup of 2003 products, is the only address you need to know. Go now, before it takes a dump: .

For additional information regarding the Jeenyus site, contact Evan Rose at (949) 369-8730. Four Star Distribution is located in San Clemente, California and is known for being a leader in the snowboard and skateboard industries as the creators of Special Blend, Forum Snowboards, Foursquare Expedition Performance Systems, Jeenyus Snowboards, C1RCA footwear and apparel, and C1 Denim.