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You might have already read the story of Jordan’s California Trifecta here, but the Southern California native also filmed all season for the upcoming TransWorld SNOWboarding movie, Arcadia. Coming off a stint with the famed Videograss film crew, Jordan has been leaving his mark on snowboarding films and edits for the past few years. Between his travels for the winter months, which included a pretty hefty list this year, you can always find Small refining his skills on his home hits at Bear Mountain. As we get ready to host the world premiere of Arcadia later this week in Encinitas, California, check out what Jordan had to say about snowboarding and his past season filming for the movie!

So, how was your first season filming with Transworld?
This year has been surreal. I have always watched transworld videos and had all the magazines so getting the opportunity to be featured in one of these videos is a dream come true! As far as filming goes it couldn't have gone any better. I had Beef as my filmer all season which worked out great because we have been working together for years. Along with Theo filming and riding with Jesse Paul and some other people throughout the season it made it super fun. We always had rad crews on each trip and we created a ton of good memories.

Early season Bear Mountain looking good. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

What highlights stick out?
Some highlights this year were Bear mountain getting dumped on and getting one of the best pow days I have had at home. Japan was my most memorable trip because it was my first time overseas and we had such an awesome crew! Nothing but good times over there!

Did you miss Bear while you were traveling?
Honestly we had such a good early season at Bear before I started traveling that I wasn't missing it too much. We were going to such cool places that it kept me from missing it. Although sunny park laps are always on everyones mind.

Home is where the Bear is. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


It was your first time in Japan right? How was it?
Japan was insane. Our crew of Beef, Yosh, Jesse, Masato and I was so epic. The whole trip was filled with new experiences, good food, amazing spots and tons of laughs. Masato Son was the best guide we could ask for and really made the trip go smoothly. Japan is the coolest place i have traveled to so far in my life.

How about your first time in Cleveland?
Cleveland was another cool experience this year. Another first time trip for me but the city treated us very well. It was our first trip of the season and was kind of a hail mary. We saw there was some snow and we just decided to pull the trigger. The snow ended up melting pretty quick but we got some good stuff while we were there. Being poor snowboarders on a tight budget, the airbnb we stayed at was not in the best area. We had some funny characters come up to us while snowboarding and say some funny stuff. One guy pulled up in a mini van while Jesse was hitting a spot and stopped his Van directly in the middle of the road. He jumped out and asked me what we were doing and I went on to tell him. The guy was pumped but we noticed he had weed all over his lips, like an insane amount haha. I asked him about it and he laughed and ended up pulling out a blunt and hanging out watching and filming. The guy was hilarious and kept saying, " I am about to go viral!". Moments after he left, a guy across the street broke down and Theo and Colt ended up helping him push his car up the street. There were just lots of funny interactions with people because we stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone we met ended up being super friendly though.

“There were just lots of funny interactions with people because we stuck out like a sore thumb,” – Jordan Small. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

What is your go to dinner while on the road filming?
I love to cook so I feel like I mix it up a lot. We usually get stuff for breakfast and lunch at the store then go out to eat for dinner. But I would say the most common thing on the road is frozen pizza. Can’t go wrong with a frozen zzaa.

Go to snacks while filming in the streets?
Almonds, lots of almonds, along with trail mix… and I also eat a lot of hot Cheetos. Actually lots of flaming hot anything, fritos, funyons, lays, anything flaming hot I am down for!

Who was your crew?
Pretty much Beef and I were together all season. We went on a lot of trips with Jesse Paul. Me and him filmed most of the year together.

How was it traveling with Jesse all season?
It was really good. Jesse is an awesome dude and an insane snowboarder. Its really fun showing up to spots with him and seeing where his head goes while thinking of tricks. He really causes you to start looking at spots differently.

“Bear is a training ground for rail riders and with the constant sunny weather and good parks, it’s obvious how kids can get so good,” – Jordan Small. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

What other spots did you travel to?
This year we did Cleveland, Minnessota, Salt Lake, Japan, Boston, Montreal and some good time spent at home in Bear.

Why do you think so many great riders come out of Southern California?
Well, as far as riders coming out of Bear, it’s because the park is so good. Bear is a training ground for rail riders and with the constant sunny weather and good parks, it’s obvious how kids can get so good. Just about everyone I know that is from Southern California that snowboards also skates and probably surfs, so it helps build a good all-around board rider.

What are you a big fan of in snowboarding right now?
I am a big fan of all snowboard videos and magazines! I love seeing all the new videos each year and checking out the new mags each month. I think its super important to support the video projects and magazines to keep them going forever!

Any projects or parts you are looking forward to seeing this year?
I am stoked to see Pepper as well as Brown Cinemas project!

Plans for next season?
Still in planning mode for this winter but will for sure be filming another video part!

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