Jamil Khan 1975-1998

“There are people who live life with you, and there are people you live life with. Jamil was one of the latter. Strong, outgoing, talented, and focused. Jamil’s progressive style would’ve reigned through the millennium. His mind and soul have forever enlightened my life.”-Jim Kelly

“Jamil left a great deal with all of us. We should be thankful and always remember his spirit.”-Barry Dugan

“It is quite difficult for me to find words to describe Jamil. It just doesn’t seem to do him the justice he deserves. I will never forget the smile of one of the most sincere, good-hearted people I have ever met. I cherish the memories I have of him, and like so many, miss him dearly. Remember … “-Sean O’Brien

“Jamil was as true as they come. He carried with him a powerful energy. I always felt good when I was around him.”-Scott Lenhardt

“The following poem by Rimbaud is my quote for Jamil.”-Randy Gaetano

Against a fall of snow, a Being Beautiful, and very tall.

Whistlings of death and circles of faint music

make this adored body, swelling and trembling

like a specter, rise …

Black and scarlet gashes burst in the gleaming flesh.

The true colors of life grow dark,

shimmer and separate

In the scaffolding around the Vision.

“I remember watching Jamil painting a picture once. He was so into it, so intense, nothing could have disturbed him. Suddenly at that moment, he stopped and looked up at me. For some unexplained reason we both started laughing uncontrollably. It was at this moment I was lucky enough to see how truly awesome he was.”-Jon Boyer

“We don’t know what Jamil would have done with the rest of his life if this hadn’t happened. Given his good nature and sense of humor toward what he was doing and where he was headed, I constantly daydream about how the world would be different with the presence of our friend.”-Mike Beallo and The Alliance

“Jamil had contagious enthusiasm. If he was into something, he could always get you amped on it. Whether it was video games or snowboarding, he was into it 100 percent. Hopefully we can all learn from his focus and direction in life.”-Jeremy Carlson

“I have been looking at a blank page for the last hour and I still don’t know what I want to say about Jamil. I just want people to know what a great person he was. I want them to know how he used to make me laugh whenever I was around him-how I would shake my head at his zany ways, with a big smile on my face, and I’d just lose it. I want them to know how everybody who met him felt the same way. That’s probably the only thing that helped me get over his death-knowing that there were all those people who knew him, who loved him, and how they all have their own stories about him. Every story I hear brings a smile to my face. The kid is still cracking me up.”-Ben Werth

“Just by looking at Jamil you could always tell he was stoked on life. I think that’s why people loved being around him. Somehow he’d always seem to bring the best out of you. It’s not the same doing methods in the halfpipe anymore without you around. You’re always with me, Jamil. I’m trying to keep the dream alive. Much love.”-John Sommers

“The kid J.K., what can I say. I thought about this for days. It’s like he’s on vacation, and I’m waiting to see him at the next contest or photo shoot-showing up in his new gear with a granny scarf around his neck. I think that it’s almost easier for us because of all the great memories and times we shared. You’ll always be with me, Jamil-every day ’til we meet again. Much love.”-Keir Dillon

“Jamil lived each day like a true “champion.” Learn from that.”

-Shane Charlebois

“Jamil lives on through those of us whose lives are intertwined with his. I feel you, buddy.”-Ian Spiro