This year's Dew Tour has been anything but conventional, with weather causing switch-ups to the all the events. The women's slopestyle contest was diverted into two parts with the jib section going down on Saturday, and the jump portion was rescheduled for Sunday.

But, it's puking snow and howling wind in Breckenridge, so the jump segment was cancelled.  The riders all agreed it would be in everyone’s best interest to hold-off from hitting the booter in these conditions, so they used the top jibs scores for the winners.


Jamie Anderson. Photo: Kanights

Jamie Anderson earned the win for her smooth and insanely confident style on the jibs. She came out swinging on Saturday and put down three flawless runs that showed her broad range of technical skills. Her last run scored a 91.33 for linking together a cab tail switch-up to back tail, frontside 270 on the down rail, 50-50 off the pole jam to slide the top of the Toyota cage with a stalefish off, and a tail side to fakie on the flat to down kink rail.

"I was a little hesitant at first, definitely intimidated riding a whole rail line – I usually shine on the jumps,” said Jamie of the format. “So yeah, I was a little afraid but it is good to get out of our comfort zone and change it up," she continued following her last run. "I'm stoked that Dew Tour is open to do things a little different. It keeps it fresh.”


Hailey Langland. Photo: Knights

Hailey Langland, a.k.a. Young Hails slide her way into second with a run that included a frontside boardslide, gap to backside liplide, board slide to frontside 270 out of the C-ledge, and a 50-50 to backside 360 out of the down to flat kink rail.

"Even if it is not the bigger trick, I try to make everything point to perfect," said Langland about her tricks. "That is my best strategy, to make everything look good, and I think when the jumps and rails are split up it really helps," she explained.

"I'm still a very firm believer in spinning four directions and having to put together a full run, but seeing the technicality that the girls were doing on the rails today I think [this new format] is really cool," said O'Brien. "I don't think every Slopestyle event should be like this, but I think it is cool to have a couple throughout the year that really switch it up and challenge the riders."

Check out the highlights videos here. 

Full Results:

1. Jamie Anderson – 91.33

2. Hailey Langland – 86.00

3. Spencer O'Brien – 80.00

4. Julia Marino – 79.00

5. Enni Rukajarvi – 77.66

6. Katie Ormerod – 70.00

7. Silje Norendal, 69.66

8. Klaudia Medlova, 69.00

9. Sina Candrian, 57.66

10. Kjersti Buass, 20.33

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