Jake Burton Chases Winter Across Six Continents

Burlington, VT — Most of us can only dream of setting off on a world tour. This year, Jake Burton and his family will be living the dream, embarking on a 10-month trip to snowboard all over the globe, covering six continents and following winter the whole way.

Jake, Donna, George (13), Taylor (9), and Timmy (6) set off in July for a year of adventure travel. They will be snowboarding at resorts and in the backcountry of Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, throughout Europe, and in the Himalayas (India). To round out the trip, they will be surfing in the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Tonga, and Hawaii, sea kayaking in Thailand, and touring through China, Tibet, and Vietnam.

This trip is a far cry from National Lampoon’s summer vacation. Jake will be using the trip to get in touch with the sport on a global basis: visiting shops and riding mountains all over the world. The ultimate goal — to maintain the company’s global outlook and leadership and reinforce Burton’s drive for innovation and commitment to the growth of the sport worldwide.

As part of the trip, Jake will be spending several months in Europe and Japan, both key international markets for Burton. He’ll spend time in Burton’s headquarters in Innsbruck and Tokyo, connecting with staff. He also plans to meet with suppliers at factories all over the world.

Throughout the trip, Jake and his family will be conducting extensive product testing, staying in touch with the development of Burton’s ’05 product line, while testing it under some interesting conditions around the world. At each stop, Jake will be sent a few pieces of new gear, straight from the proto shop back in Burlington, VT. He and his family will log days on snow before the product is swapped out for newer gear, exchanging it in a constantly revolving cycle.

“My family and I enjoy winter much more than summer, so we’re looking forward to going on a safari where winter is never going to end,” says Jake. “By riding all over the planet, I’ll be developing a very good understanding of what it takes to be a more effective global company. It will be huge to immerse ourselves in the European, Japanese, and Southern Hemi snowboarding cultures among other areas we’re visiting, and remind ourselves that there’s a lot more to the world than North America.”

Jake will maintain close communications with the headquarters in Burlington. On the first leg of the trip, he will attend the Burton Summer Sales Meeting in Bariloche, Argentina with the global sales force to kick off the ’04 season. After that, he’ll join Burton’s Global Team in New Zealand for a photo shoot before heading off to Australia and Japan to conduct meetings with Burton’s senior managers and board of directors. Laurent Potdevin, President and COO, will man the helm in Burlington, Vermont in Jake’s absence.

Snowboard the world through Jake’s eyes. Jake will be posting regular updates on his adventures and experiences at www.burton.com. Stay tuned for stories from the road, complete with photos and videos of his adventures.

Consumers can learn more about Burton Snowboards by calling Burton Rider Service: (800) 881-3138.

Burton Snowboards, the world’s first snowboard factory, is a pure snowboard company solely dedicated to creating and perfecting a full-range of the best snowboarding equipment on the planet. Led by founder and owner Jake Burton, widely considered the pioneer of snowboarding, Burrton’s passion is snowboarding – evident by their overriding mission to open snowboarding at every mountain resort. Why aren’t you riding? Celebrating 25 years in 2002, Burton has fueled the growth of snowboarding worldwide through continuous work with, and support of, their Global Team riders and development of successful programs such as Learn-To-Ride (LTR), The Chill Foundation, and the US Open Snowboarding Championships. Don’t make excuses. Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont with international offices in Innnsbruck, Austria and Tokyo, Japan, Burton, the industry leader, is the brand of choice for millions around the world. There is snow somewhere.