Chances are, if you call the Northern Hemisphere home, snow and powder days are two of the last things on your mind right now. After all, it's the middle of June, summer has either been banging on your back door or already showed up in full force weeks ago. For most, this means shuttling skateboards, surfboards, and bikes out of storage, and tossing your snowboards, boots, and other gear into the depths of your closet. We don't blame you, everyone loves a good beach day and ripping the local skate park.

Early morning views don’t get much better than this. Photo courtesy of Valle Nevado, Chile

But for others– and we're looking at you, year-round winter-chasers and friends from the South– snow may very well be the only thing on your mind, and for good reason, too. Valle Nevado, Chile has just announced they will open to the public early this Friday, June 15th after receiving a healthy 40" over the weekend. The best part yet? Winter's arrival isn't unique to Chile, with lifts turning in Australia, New Zealand, and across South America, we can be sure to see news of big storms hitting across the board any day now.

As is with any season, early storms and the promising signs of a looming winter are cause for celebration. Southern Hemisphere readers buckle up, winter is knocking and the early indicators are calling for a top-shelf year. Northern Hemisphere riders who haven't kicked the itch, it's never too late to book your trip, or sign up for a session at a Southern Hemisphere snowboard camp. It turns out; earning deep turns in the summer isn't nearly as difficult as you might think.

While there is arguably no better way to beat the summer heat than with a deep frontside carve, those of us stuck in summer will happily settle with a solid summer powder edit to curb our winter appetites. Make sure to check back soon, it won't be long until we can again live vicariously through our friends still chasing snow.

Time to pack your bags and head south. Photo courtesy of Valle Nevado, Chile

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