Iris Snow Welcomes the latest addition to their team: Jeremy Jones, winner of the 2000 Nixon Jib Contest, representing Utah, Forum Snowboards, and Alphanumeric Clothing.

Jeremy made the decision to join the Lil’ Bastards after the whole Iris team talked to him. From all available candidates, our team felt that Jeremy would not only fit into the Lil’ Bastards program, he would bring it to the next level. His snowboarding skills have been featured in Mack Dawg videos as well as Kingpin videos by Whitey. In addition, his mad skateboarding ability earns him much respect among his teammates. After looking over his goggle/eyewear options, Jeremy felt that the design and performance of the Iris goggles suits his needs the best.

Look for footage of the Iris team from this event as well as many others in the upcoming short film by Iris, “Lil’ Bastards…once again”, the Forum video “The Resistance”, Mack Dawg Production’s video, and Kingpin Production’s video “Destroyer”. All these videos will be premiering in September and available in your local shop worldwide.

Lil’ Bastards 2000-2001 roster

Devun Walsh (team captain)
Mikey Leblanc
Jeremy Jones
J.F. Pelchat
Chris Brown
Dionne Delesalle
Nate Cole
Joel Mahaffey
Max Jenke
Kale Stephens
Rob Dow
Dave Cashen