After two very successful seasons of the P.S. Webisode SeriesHana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi and Robin Van Gyn, decided to create I N T E R V A L S , a four part film of their collected shots from last season along with a friends part. The first part of the movie is expected to drop at the beginning of October. With Robin and Hana dominating the mountain, accompanied by other featured riders such as Erin Comstock and Megan Ginter, the girls give us a taste of what it’s like shredding and traveling alongside them.

Hana_Beaman_ Mt. Baker_Road_Gap_scott_sullivan

Hana sending the Mt. Baker road gap. PHOTO: Scott Sullivan

So you both filmed your P.S. webisode series all last season, and are finally coming out with your new film to kick off this season. Tell us a little about what we should be expecting to see.
Robin: It’s the highlight reel from all the webisodes mixed in with some unseen extras.
Hana: Well, it’s basically a nicely wrapped package of all of our shots from this season. It just made sense for us to make our own short film since we had all our footage and the other girls were stoked to be a part too. We got to make our parts just how we wanted them, and that was pretty sweet. I think people will get a good idea of who we are and our styles of riding. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much control before. So I hope people like it.
Leanne: I was originally just riding with the P.S. girls on a few of their trips they organized, and I filmed with K2 and Airblaster as well. At the end of the season when Robin and Hana were putting the film together, we decided to put my part in their video.

Where does the film take us?
It takes you through our winter, but it’s to the point. We want people to understand what’s going through our head when we are out there each season. The internal monologue.
R: Basically into our lives, day in, day out, through the four months of winter. We were in BC, Colorado, WashingtonUtah and Japan.
L: The film takes us from Whistler backcountry, Revelstoke to Japan and back. 

Why call it I N T E R V A L S?
It’s kinda how our seasons are. When it’s on, it’s on. Then there are days in-between where you get to regroup and figure out how to plan for when it’s go time again. Highs and lows. Stop, go.
R: Chasing storms from trip to trip feels like short cycles or intervals of time. Kind of a stop/go experience and the movie aims to capture that.
L: Hana came up with that name basically to tell a story. You have winter, and then it’s a hurry up and wait kind of deal… or hurry up and rush to get it done in the window of time you have. You never really know what’s happening and then it’s over! And that is the reason why it’s so much fun.

What inspired you to start your webisode series?
I just felt like I wanted to get in on the goods. Webisodes are a really valuable way to be in the media these days. It’s all about the free video…
H:I basically wanted to have more control over my footage and the end product. The typical thing wasn’t doing it for me, and I felt there was an opportunity for us to do more.
L: Hana started it, I became a late addition. But webisodes are a nice way to keep everyone up to date with the trials and tribulations of being a female pro snowboarder in the backcountry. It can be entertaining!


Robin Van Gyn chased situations like this all winter. Doesn’t seem too bad…
PHOTO: Ashley Barker

What was your biggest challenge in creating this film?
I didn’t feel like there were many challenges at all. The whole process was pretty smooth, and I can’t really think of anything that was really challenging.
H: There was a lot of collaboration between filmers, riders, editors and everyone being in different places. There was a lot going on to get everybody on the same page. I’m happy with how it came out, that was the most important thing. It took a lot of e-mails, texts, calls, chats, etc… but it really wasn’t even that bad!

Any gnarly bloody injuries or near death experiences during the process?
Not this season! Other than my sled blowing up and figuring that out, but it was pretty easy.
H: R: Nothing major. I kneed myself a couple times, but for the most part we were healthy.

Will we be seeing any park footage?
There are minimal park shots, and just in the friends section. I don’t think Robin, Leanne [Pelosi] or myself rode enough to make it fit right in our parts so we ended up leaving it out if there was any.
L: A wee bit. I have a few jibbing clips but that’s about it. Pillows were good!
R: There are a couple, but we stayed put in the goods ’cause it was good all season!

 A big topic this season is women’s progression. Seeing that women are at their highest level of riding that they’ve ever been, but are still playing catch up with the boys, what will it take for women to seal the deal and get on their level? Will it ever happen?
It could definitely happen, who’s to say. We do have some ground to make up, but I’m just stoked that we continue to make progress. There will probably always be that drive to be “as good as the boys” and as long as there’s some progress each season, there’s just gonna be more and more girls to keep up the momentum!
L: I don’t think we are playing catch up with the boys. We are on our own level and the level is jut going to better and better. I’m fascinated with what all my friends are doing out there and to continually be inspired out there is the best feeling ever. We are on the right path of pushing ourselves.
R: It’s not about being on their level. We make our own levels, we’re different people, and trying to be something we’re not is a losing battle. Women are snowboarding the best they ever have and that is amazing. The comparison focus on women to men needs to be dropped, it’s all about women, and the sport, and how much they are pushing themselves and progressing.


Robin knows how to send it with style. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Being a female rider, what’s it like filming and riding with dudes opposed to chicks?
It isn’t so much a difference of riding with guys or girls, it’s just the people you ride with in general. As long as you’re with fun people, it’s all good. Some girls push me just as much as the guys, and some guys don’t.
L: Well it’s definitely nice when you get stuck, you only need one guy to come over and help versus the whole girls crew!
R: Personally, I like riding with girls. It’s always filming with friends and having a laugh, it’s amazing. Guys tend to push you a bit more, but if you can just push yourself, it’s the same. More often than not, you are riding terrain or features that are similar and it makes things a lot easier. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to film with a guys crew at some point, but the challenge can be trying to roll as a crew efficiently.

Do you feel that riding with guys helps push you to ride better or improve?
Yes I do, but there are just as many sick girls out there who can inspire me to go bigger or whatever. I don’t need to have a guy do something huge to get me motivated. I know what I want to get or do and I can motivate myself from there.
H: One thing is that guys tend to hit larger features, which I like. They sometimes see stuff that I wouldn’t usually pick to hit and that pushes me out of my comfort zone. And I can look to them for advice about things that they have done that I would like to do, but haven’t. It definitely has advantages.
L: I think it depends on who you ride with period. I picked out a cliff to hit this winter, and the boys pushed me to hit it in the biggest way and that was a nice help. So yeah, I like riding with the guys but I also love riding with the girls because we are all competitive with each other which helps on the level improve.

What do you want people to take away after watching your film?
I don’t think there was anything in particular we wanted for people to take away from it, but if after watching it, they are hungry for some powder turns, then I would say mission accomplished.
L: I hope it encourages everyone to go out and enjoy what the mountains have to offer. It’s endless and it’s all available to anyone for the taking!
H: I’d like them to be stoked on the season and to want to go out and have fun shredding! That’s what videos did for me!

 Any words for all the lady shredders out there?
Follow your happiness…
L: Thanks for the support ladies. Take an avalanche course and explore. We need more participation.
R: Can’t thank them enough for watching and supporting us. We have gotten so much love and it’s AWESOME.

While traveling you must:
Drink a ton of water!
L: Have a pillow.
R: Bring wet naps, extra undies, and snacks.

Last seasons most memorable moment:
GT memorial party, memorable and also not remembered so well.
R: Greg Todd's Memorial
L: Getting to hit up Seagrams on the most epic powder day ever with Jeff Keenan, and also our trip to Shandyland with the girls.

Favorite bar:
Rocco's Seattle
R: Denver Airport Mariott Lounge
L: Buddahful Juce Bar in North Vancouver

Biggest Fear:
Of missing out.
R: Getting bored.
L: The real world.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life it would be:
 Salad…or ice cream.
R: Salad.
L: Sandwiches

Saki or Tequila?
H: Tequila.
R: Tequila.
L: Tequila.

A super creepy old dude approaches you at the bar to ask if he could buy you a drink.  You:
a) Smile and happily tell him your drink choice
b) Start yelling in a foreign language, throw your arms up in disbelief and storm off as if he has offended you.
c) Tell him your drink choice… times three! Can't leave out your girls.

H: Politely decline.
R: B.
L: A. Then run away.

If I wasn't a professional snowboarder, I would be a:
 Park Ranger.
R: Adventurer.
L: Film maker or a photographer.