Instrument Marketing Agency Formed

(Burlington, VT) Instrument (IM) is a new, creative network of individuals and small firms dedicated to providing a full menu of marketing services while still offering the benefits of independent providers. Until now these independent, freelance providers had a tough time finding work and marketing themselves to the right channels. And many potential clients had no way of knowing what these talented individuals and small firms had to offer in terms of creative services. Instrument has created an organized framework around these creative service providers, and provided an outlet for their artistic and marketing abilities.

Instrument founder and owner, Vince LaVecchia, has a rich history of delivering results for some of the world’s foremost youth and action sports brands. Most recently he finished a 4-year tour ofduty in the marketing department for Burton Snowboards, the number one snowboard company in the world. Here, Vince managed the careers of an international team of professional snowboarders and learned first-hand how talented individuals can influence and enhance the marketability of a brand or an entire industry. He also realized that many of the brands attempting to reach the increasingly elusive and skeptical youth market were losing credibility with every marketing campaign they produced.

Not only can Instrument answer the question, “How do we reach these kids in a credible way?” but they offer every tool necessary to get the job done efficiently, aggressively and with the highest creative quality. The IM providers have the combined experience and abilities of entire marketing departments and design firms. The flexibility of its independent network allows Instrument to comfortably handle complex creative projects with large budgets, or smaller, freelance jobs. Regardless of the project size, Instrument’s central management structure and provider network keeps costs down while still offering a level of service normally found in larger design firms and ad agencies.

Below is a list of services Instrument can provide. IM can combine any selection of services from this list to handle complex marketing projects or utilize the individual provider’s talents for small jobs. Instrument offers: Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Web Design/ Multimedia Productions, Video Production, 3D/Environmental Design, Copywriting, and PR Services. The Instrument website hosts full bios and portfolios for many of its providers as well as news, mission statement and more complete service descriptions.

With a genuine connection to youth, music, action sports and lifestyle, Instrument offers these resources to clients in any industry dedicated to consumer belief in brand or message. It has become obvious in a world flooded with over-hype and dishonest marketing campaigns, that the burden is now on companies and their marketers to make consumers believe what they are saying. Instrument works toward this goal with a strategy built around straightforward, genuine and entertaining marketing communications. Only then can a brand build lasting credibility and an army of dedicated believers who themselves do an amazing job of spreading the message as well.

Tap into the Instrument network at or by calling Vince at 802-658-7605.