Perhaps you've seen the epic photos percolating on your feed of top female snowboarders getting after it all across the globe with the simple tag #fullmoonfilm. Or maybe you've double-tapped the select snaps we've featured on the @TWSNOW account during the actual full moons. But do you really know what Full Moon Film is all about?

We caught up with Leanne Pelosi, producer, director, and snowboard extraordinaire for the nit and grit on this two-year-film project that seeks to illuminate the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding.

We've seen the 'grams and love the posts, so give us the scoop, what is Full Moon Film?

Full Moon is a creative film about connecting the past, present and future of women's snowboarding with some of the best riders in the world. We are aiming to preserve a little bit of our cultural heritage, while passing down some knowledge to the next generation.  This creates one full circle, which is where the name Full Moon was derived from. For the movie, the crew is traveling in search of the best powder, from our backyard of beautiful British Columbia, to wherever mother nature takes us.


Leanne Pelosi. Photo: Jussi Grznar

What is your role with the project?

My role is the producer/director.  I couldn't be happier working with the creme dé la creme of a crew.  They are so experienced, so it's a win-win.  Everyone is helping where they can, and we are working our butts off to make this an incredible project.  We are going to be launching a Kickstarter in the coming months,  so we are putting a lot of effort into some amazing collaborations with our sponsors and offering exclusive pre-sales of the movie.  The vibe has been awesome between our crew, so it's been a bit of a smooth sail so far.  What I have learned about movie-making is that nothing you plan turns out the way you think it will.  It's just all about adapting to the unexpected.

How did the idea come to be and who all is a part of this two year project?

After producing See What I See and La La Land, I've always wanted to do something where we incorporate more of a storyline vs. the traditional snow porn.

The main film crew is: myself, Annie Boulanger, Helen Schettini, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson, Marie France Roy & Robin Van Gyn. Over the years we've become great friends, so there was no better time for us all to come together to make this happen.  We wanted to change things up a bit, being as our crew has never exclusively worked together as one. Snowboarding is about bringing people together to enjoy the outdoors and our crew would like to encapsulate the film around that notion.


Robin Van Gyn, Helen Schettini, Jamie Anderson Photo: Ben Girardi

You've connected an all-time crew of women riders from past, present, and the future of snowboarding— What's been the biggest obstacle you've faced thus far with curating this crew?

With the past trend of “out with the old and in with the new” within snowboarding, many of our legends have been pushed out or felt unwelcome as they matured.  Trying to connect with some of these riders has proved challenging.  However in recent years,  our industry is now trying to grasp what is left of our heritage.  It's important that we respect our culture, all of it, the past, present and future.. the full circle.

What are you goals with this film?

Throughout the history of women's snowboarding, there are certain snowboarders who have lead the charge and influenced our generation.  We want to highlight these individuals like Tara Dakides, Barrett Christy, Natasza Zurek, Victoria Jealouse and more.  And moving forward, we wanted to bring Jamie Anderson and the next generation onto our crew to share our passion for the backcountry.  Jamie is the future in the film world even though she's already a veteran on the contest circuit.  We brought her to Alaska this year, and she did not hesitate to ride big lines with the girls.  This movie is not a history of women's snowboarding. The goal of Full Moon is to showcase the past, present and future with hopes that anyone who watches this might be inspired to empower themselves to follow their passion for the outdoors.


MFR waves ‘hi’ in Italy. Photo: Vanessa Andrieux

How does this project differ from others you've produced with Runway?

It's been seven years since I co-produced a Runway Film, but this time I am working with seven masters of their domain.  Back in the day we used to do it all: contests, park, street, and dabble into the backcountry.  Since then, snowboarding has become so much more precise in the fact that snowboarders are hyper focused on their own craft.  With the exception of Jamie, most of our crew left the contest scene to ride big mountains roughly six years ago. The content will be more refined and focused on the crew rather than each rider.

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the places you ladies filmed this past season?

Having been dealt with one of the most challenging winters for powder to date in our home arena, we took it upon ourselves to seek out new destinations.  It made for one of the most memorable and most fun winters for all of us.  We went to Italy, Alaska, Golden Alpine Holidays, Mica Heli & Bella Coola Heli.  They were all amazing. I would highly recommend each and every single destination to anyone looking to blast themselves silly with powder.


Leanne taking charge in BC. Photo: Jussi Grznar

What's cooking this coming season, any trips and or special shoots you can let us in on?

Hopefully going back to Mica Heli.  That place is unreal with the most pillows you've ever seen in your life.  We need a few rebates there… Ha! Also, I think Robin wants to go back to Golden Alpine Holidays, which was really, really fun.  We didn't get to snowmobile in our own backyard, so we are looking forward to this year being one for the books in B.C.

Prior to the full release next Fall, what other nuggets of contents will see from Full Moon? 

On every full moon we have a @twsnow takeover, so keep an eye for instagram for videos and such.  We also have a web series coming out called 'Side Tracked' this fall.  That will showcase the passion that compliments snowboarding for each girl on the crew.  I'm excited for that… and also Clayton, our editor, is editing an Italy trip video and also a Golden Alpine Holidays edit for TWSNOW. We'll also have a full length feature in an upcoming issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding.


Leanne and MFR fighting the good fight in Italy. Photo: Vanessa Andrieux

Closing words?

Thank you to all of our sponsors so far: Anon, K2, Oakley, Dakine, Airblaster, Roxy, Billabong, Vans, Whistler, Arbor, Tourism BC and the Source, TWSNOW and Snowboard Mag.   We are so grateful for the support. And also to our followers! @fullmoonfilm

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