Industry Vets Launch Alpha6, Acquire Ally

Adapting to a changing industry and meeting the needs of customers worldwide has led to the creation of alpha6 distribution. Longtime friends and co workers – Johnny West and Brandon Dodd have partnered together in the 1st of a number of strategic acquisitions to address specific niches in a changing marketplace.

The acquisition of the ALLYCONTAINMENTCO brand will move the headquarters from Santa Cruz, CA to the Orange County offices of alpha6 distribution. All trademarks and proprietary stealth technology used in the collection of bags and accessories, as well as all sales, marketing and design will now be directed by alpha6 distribution.

The distribution plans of ALLYCONTAINMENTCO will continue to target those who participate in the deviant recreation within our action sports community. “I’m really excited to re-launch ALLYCO @ SIA on January 26th. The creation of our new company is a natural evolution for my career within the industry” says West.

“But wait, there’s more, we have a few things up our sleeves that will be sure to blow you away… All I can say is the Allyance is growing!” quips Brandon Dodd, a former retailer from Colorado and successful so. cal sales representative for some of the industry’s top brands. “Johnny and I have worked together for a number of years helping establish several different brands. To be able to do it on our own is both exciting and nerve racking.” adds Dodd.

Those retail operatives interested in joining this unfettered attack against conformity or to request more information should contact alpha6 distribution directly @ 949-429-1833 or report to SIA booth # C815. Otherwise our established allyance of road warriors will track you down for individual presentations in the comfortable confines of your retail HQ

Watch your back closely as the allyance has been known to greatly increase the productivity and performance of all action sport athletes and retailers. Unsubstantiated reports indicate those associated with the actions sports subculture are coerced into the allyance upon first experience of the ALLYCO movement.