By Kristin Cusic

In a week that’s been nothing but gray, it was a good feeling to wake up and have blue skies for the 2nd Annual TransWorld Media Really Big Wednesday/Good Vibrations beach benefit for 50 disadvantaged kids from the Orange County, California-based Laura’s House and Olive Crest.

Loads of people came out to San Onofre State Beach, California on Wednesday afternoon for a day of BBQ, great surf, and beach games. The kids played in the surf and participated in all kinds of games and tug-o-war contests. They threw water balloons at each other and at us, and grubbed on food that came straight off the Orange County Fire Department’s HUGE grill and out of the Archie’s Ice Cream truck.

Thanks to the generous donations of all sorts of companies, each kid went home with a gift bag filled to the brim. Thanks to snowboard, skateboard, and surf companies including: Girl, Black Dot, X Concepts, DVS, Sex Wax, DC Shoes, Quiksilver, Volcom, Billabong, 686 Enterprises, Glissade Snowboards, Rich Galligan at Goin’ Off, World Industries, Velvet and Recon, Flex Fit, Big Bear Mountain, and Electric for stepping up and giving these kids a little bit of hope for the future. Many props go out to DC, which sent enough sweatshirts and pairs of shoes to outfit the kids who graduated high school this week.

Thanks to everyone who came out and especially those who donated their time and energy to make sure everything ran smoothly: Chuck Allen from Mountain High, Doug at San Onofre, Travis Wood from Sims Snowboards, Archie’s Ice Cream, Tom Dawson of Banana Boat, Scotty from Hansen’s, Mark Sibayan, the Orange County Fire Department, U.S. Foods, and the marketing and advertising staffs at TransWorld Media.

Also thanks to the chaperones and instructors at Laura’s House and Olive Crest for bringing the kids to the beach. We look forward to next year!

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