Industry Helps Youth Shelters At Big Wednesday

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of life. Between work, trying to spend time with family, friends, and still get some time for yourself, it’s hard to take time out to volunteer or make a difference in the lives of a stranger. Sims Marketing Manager Travis Wood saw an opportunity in a fun industry event, and found a way to make it better-by inviting a number of children’s shelters out for a day of hanging at the beach.

TransWorld Media typically holds a small number of Big Wednesday surf gatherings at San Onofre during the summer as a way for snowboard, skateboard, and surf industry people to get together, BBQ, surf, and hang out in a non-tradeshow manner. With Wood’s help, along with sponsorship from DC Shoes, 686 Enterprises, Lamar, LTD, Sims, Cold As Ice, Hansens, Mountain High, Power Aide, Banana Boat, Ambigous Clothing, Electric, Sole Technology, and Paul Frank, the usual surf gathering became a way to introduce kids from the Orange Wood, Laura’s House, and Olive Crest Orange County children’s shelters to something new.

“I just decided not to be selfish for once,” quipped Wood. “Really it just seemed like the perfect way to show these kids a good time, and expose them to an industry and culture based on fun that they might not otherwise see.”

Turn out for both the industry and shelters was high, and the Orange County Fire Department even showed up with in a fire truck towing a grill to cook up some food for the hungry crew. The kids were stoked-playing beach volleyball, horseshoes, swimming, and hooking up some free swag from companies like Etnies, TransWorld Media, 686, and more.

“It’s such an amazing experience for all of the kids-just look at them,” says Olive Crest’s Jen Hughes. “All they need is the beach, ocean, and a few balls-they’re having so much fun.”