In The Mix 14.7

Have you ever traveled to Europe, or any other country outside of the United States, for that matter? If so, did you notice any drastic differences in lifestyle or culture? From my own personal experience, I’d say the U.S. offers a lot more conveniences and luxuries, but all in all, foreign countries really got it going on. They don’t have all the laws we have, and yet it’s not total chaos. The drinking age is much younger, but there’s very little drama that stems from this. People party ’til all hours of the night, but you don’t see cops freaking out about it. And most importantly, people seem content and happy: they’re not constantly striving for more. Is there such a thing as satisfaction in the U.S.? This month, we asked a bunch of Euros what they dislike about the United States. Although the majority of the world may believe the U.S. is the best place to live, here’s what these foreigners had to say about the downside of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”-Tara “I Know I’m Always Serious But I Like To Make You Think” Miller

What do you dislike about the United States?

Xavier Hoffman
Age: 25
Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Ratiopharm, and T-D1
“There’s not much I dislike about the States. Most of the people are very friendly, the cars have massive engines, and the fuelis really cheap compared to Europe. The food’s good, too-maybe sometimes not that healthy, but I really love big steaks and that kind of stuff. I’ve had some of my best times in the U.S., but the beer’s not as good as at home, and sometimes the cops could take it a little more easy. But all in all, the States is a sick place to travel.”

Joni Makinen
Age: 26
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“I don’t really know what I dislike most about the U.S., but a couple of things at the top of my list are there’re way too many stop signs and a lot of stupid laws and rules.”

Wille Yli-Luoma
Age: 21
Sponsors: K2, Dragon, Volcom, Thirty-two, and Active Ride Shop
“I hate the customs and immigration at the airport, the fake friendliness-but there are some nice people, too-and especially the fake things like boobs, lips, asses, et cetera. People make promises they don’t keep, there’s a lot of ass kissing that goes on, and the ski-patrol people are tight-asses. You have to be 21 to drink and sixteen to drive, which doesn’t make any sense, people are always suing someone, any crazy person can get a gun, there’s drive-in marriage, and there’s too much violence and drugs. I think that’s all. Other than that, I like the United States.”

Jacob Soderqvist
Age: 24
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“I don’t like people who are power tripping, and I’ve met a few in the States-for example, police officers, people at the airport, and people trying to put you in line at chairlift stations on the mountain. People who think they have more authority than they really have, they think they’re police officers or something. For that reason, I think Europe is a nice little anarchy where people can do whatever they want. There’s a huge gap between rich and poor in the States as well-I guess that’s capitalism, though.Also, many snowboarders in the States try too hard to be cool, like it’s something you have to be in order to snowboard. You have to be a certain way or have a specific look and can’t just be yourself. What you wear shouldn’t matter; you should only be concerned with the type of person you are. But other than that, there’re a lot of things I do like about the States.”