In The Mix 14.6

Here’s a question everyone’s been asked at some point in their lives: If you could interview anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? You had to put some thought into your response, have one person in mind who truly intrigues you more than any other. There are a handful of interesting people out there I’d love to meet, but the first person to come to mind is and always has been Bob Marley for his philosophy of “one love,” as well as just about anything else he ever sang about.

I asked the rest of our staff this question and here are some of their responses: Shem said he’d like to talk to his sister Donna, who passed away when he was young. Amber thought Jesus Christ, because then he could answer questions about anyone else. Jamie would want to meet her grandma, who once won the title of Miss Indonesia. Leah said Queen Elizabeth I because she was a woman breaking new ground in a position where men traditionally ruled. Foster decided on Isabella Rossellini because she’s an incredible person besides being an amazing artist. Nate said his dad’s dad, because he never knew him. And Mike chose Bruce Lee so he could teach him how to kick my ass for asking questions like this all the time. Who would you choose?

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?

Shaun White Age: 14 Sponsors: Burton and Volcom “I would really like to interview Jim Carey-he’s the best. I have to laugh every time I think of him trying to push himself out of the rhino’s ass in Ace Ventura II: Pet Detective. He must be a really cool person to think up all the stuff he does in his movies. To interview him would be a trip.”

Jordan Mendenhall Age: 19 Sponsors: Sims, Alphanumeric, DC, Dragon, Apollo backpacks, Milo Sport, and “The person I want to interview is Bill Gates to see how he got all his money.”

Billy Anderson Age: 23 Sponsors: Morrow, Volcom, Oakley, and Mammoth Mountain “There are way too many people I’d like to interview-Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the art world, or maybe some crazy world leaders like Hitler or Saddam Hussein. But when it finally comes down to it, I’d interview Kobe Bryant and ask him what it’s like going straight from high school to an NBA championship in a matter of a few years. Also Kurt Kobain, just to hear endless stories of drugs and rock and roll. And last but not least, Ween to find out which songs are really about Barrett Christy.”

Lance Pitman Age: 22 Sponsors: Illuminati, Faction Denim, Thirty-two, Da Kine, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and “If I could interview anyone, I would probably have to organize a debate between Jake Burton, Bill Gates, and soon-to-be President Al Gore. I would want them to discuss how their roles connect with one another and how certain issues affect each of their worlds, like how snowboarding will be affected if snowmobiles are banned from national forests, or how Burton would feel if the government made them break up their products into different companies.”