Travis was born and raised in Bolton, Ontario, in eastern Canada. Like many snowboarders from out east, Travis’ passion for snowboarding and the mountains drove him west to Vancouver, British Columbia. Travis’ great work ethic and love for snowboarding made him a very successful snowboard instructor at Mount Seymour. This is where I met Travis, and this is where Travis found his new West Coast family.

Travis was older and wiser than all of the Seymour Kids. Travis was the only one of us who didn’t live with his parents, so Travis’ was definitely the place to be for après-snowboarding fun-watching hundreds of hockey games and having parties on the roof. Travis touched a lot of people with his snowboarding, whether it was through instructing or from his awe-inspiring cover of Snowboard Canada magazine.

Travis’ tragic death left us asking so many questions, but we move on. Travis would want us to remember only the good times we all shared with him. We will always love and remember you.-Kevin Sansalone and the Seymour Kids