In ‘Da Mix

When ever you travel with someone, it's a good idea to find out what they enjoy. A good starting point is music–it usually says a lot about the person. Figure out what kind of music they're into–then you can decide if you should ditch them at the next rest stop or not.

When did you first discover speed metal?

Brandon Ruff

Age: 23

Sponsors: Ride, Quiksilver, Smith, Milo Sport

“When Thrasher interviewed Slayer, a super long time ago, I think I was in sixth grade, I thought it was the raddest thing ever. They had a picture of the guitar player looking super pissed with a spiked bracelet, red lights behind him, and a lot of smoke. After that, I went out and bought the CD.”

Fredrik Sarvell

Age: 20

Sponsors: Airwalk, Arnette

“When I was a kid, like ten years old or something, I thought that kind of music was bad. My friend listened to it all the time. He told me, 'No Fredrik, it is actually good. You should listen to it.' He always had a Walkman at school, so he let me listen to it, and after about ten minutes I thought it was pretty good. I think it was Metallica. I don't like speed metal that much, but the answer to the question is fourth or fifth grade.”

Tyler Lepore

Age: 19

Sponsors: Morrow, Westbeach, Oakley

“What's speed metal? Is DGA speed metal? I used to listen to Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys as a kid because my brothers did, and I followed whatever they did. They got me into listening to that stuff back around '89. I would skate with them while they had that stuff on. I was too small to have a real board, so I used an old Rodney Mullen Freestyle board, the real small ones. I never really got into speed metal. How'd you come up with this question? I'm more into hip-hop.”

Tonino Copene

Age: 24

Sponsors: Nitro, Volcom, Dragon, Milo Sport

“I first heard Slayer's Show No Mercy as a young kid when I used to spend my winters in Utah and summers in California. It was in the summer, in Danville, California, when a neighbor kid brought over Show No Mercy and Metallica's Ride the Lightning. I though I was going to get in trouble for listening to it.”