In Color Premiere Party

A packed theatre. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

A packed theatre. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

In Color Premiere

It all happened in the parking lot, TransWorld style. Snow bros, pros, groms and the like milled about, skating from the early afternoon to the start of the anticipated new flick, In Color. The TransWorld skatepark got a good thrashing from a slew of snowboard heavies and the parking lot played host to heated rounds of S-K-A-T-E. After the sun set and the masses arrived, Carlino and company hit play.

The opening montage was stacked with bangers from any rider who laid it on the line in front of a TWS lens this winter. Jeremy Jones kicked it off with a ripping straight line then the hammers just started dropping. Mikkel Bang snagged first part with plenty of big, backcountry shredding. Young Phil Jacques brought the Quebec street skills, greasing every rail in sight along with Jake OE. Bradshaw got out of the Bear Park and put down a dirty part. Devun, Iikka and Jussi did what they do best-soared above the B.C. backcountry. Jussi leaped over this giant gap called “mother.” Mark Sollors surprised with smooth stomps and sound rail footage. Keegan Valaika wrapped up the video with the ender. His smooth, droopy style came refined and he threw it down on heaps of heavy features. It was a solid crew, a solid movie and it reminded the whole audience of one thing: winter is coming….

The video is out now, get a copy and see it all for yourself. Catch up on the winter In Color here, too. The movie tour hits Salt Lake City next. See the schedule here and stay tuned for more stops.