Illuminati Sets Up Internet Store For Dealers

The Illuminati would like to announce the addition of its wholesale internet store for retailers. Since The Top Ten “Good Wood” board rating from TWSnow’s Buyer’s Guide was announced, The Illuminati has seen a significant increase in interest from the retail sector. To make it easier for retailers to order, re-order, or just test the waters, The Illuminati has implemented an online shopping cart for retailers to use to purchase products at wholesale prices.

“The system we have created will make it much easier for a shop to manage their inventory of Illuminati products. Retailers may order them on an as needed basis, ensuring that they will not be stuck with gear at the end of the season. We will even ship the boards directly to one of their customers if they would rather do it that way.” – said Robert Emery of The Illuminati.

This site is located at to view the site one must have log-in and password.

Owner Lance Pitman had this to say about the new system being developed,”Leveraging the communication power of The World Wide Web has been our primary goal since the beginning. As retailers discover the world of B2B e-commerce to order their products, they will find that The Illuminati has created a system that works smooth/efficiently and will continue to evolve in the years to come.

One of the primary goals for our B2B store is to reduce risk on all sides. By having retailers pay by credit card, it places the much desired 30-day terms into the retailers hands. The major benefit to the retailer is that they virtually eliminate their risk of being stuck with inventory and allowing them to reorder as needed.”

The Illuminati is known for being the first core snowboard company to focus on the Internet as a primary distribution channel. By introducing a B2B e-commerce store for retailers, The Illuminati continues to pave its own path in the snowboard industry.

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