Iker’s Top Five Tapas

Eiki Helgason—just chilling, exactly 60K from Madrid.

Sure, the holidays are about sweet December pow, but they're also all about stuffing your face. Now, if you want to eat like a true Spaniard, then you'll squeeze into a packed, smoky tavern, order a smattering of bite-sized appetizers, and knock back some rich zesty wine. That's the tapas experience, and it's extraordinary. You wander from bar to bar over the course of several hours, sampling each establishment's signature dishes and never getting too full at any one time. It's festive, social, and quintessentially Spanish.

In case you didn't know, Transworld went to Spain with Zac Marben, Laura Hadar, Eiki Helgasson, and company (the full story appeared in our October issue). We roamed around pillaging powder and eating like pigs. But because we never knew what the hell to order, our trusty guide, Spanish pro snowboarder Iker Fernandez, held our hands through many a tapas session. Iker is the man, he owns a house in San Sebastian and a couple mountain bungalows. He slays powder and lives the good life.

All edibles aside, Iker was also our guide on the mountain. Here he is, pointing us to the powder.


Intrepid photographer Eric Bergeri, post shred, pre tapas.

Anyway, tapas—we had it all, from simple meat on toast and warm goat's cheese to snails, wild rabbit, and even kangaroo. Below are Iker’s all-time favorite tapas. Get yourself to Spain or your nearest Spanish restaurant and immediately order the following:

Txalupa: Mushrooms, prawns, garlic, and cream on a puff pastry.

Carrillera: Pork cheeks, onions carrots, tomatoes, and a fusion of aromatic herbs.

Brocheta de gambas: Grilled prawns, bacon, and vinaigrette on a slice of bread.

Foie con jalea de manzana: Grilled foie gras with a kind of apple jam on sliced of bread.

Tortilla de patata: An omelet of potatoes, onions, and pepper on a slice of bread.

How to work up an appetite? Build a colossal kicker with a premium backdrop: the Pyrenees.

Zac March, gypsy snow-stach after ransacking a whole bunch of Spanish powder.

People's Pierre Minhondo, Laura Hadar, Zac Marben, and Eiki Helgason about to get aprés at Astun in the High Aragon..