IJC North American Pro Judging Clinic

Judges and snowboard officials from around North America, representing many different organizations, including the CSF, USSA, and USASA, will converge on San Diego, July 1-8 for eight days of learning, training and testing. This year the IJC will host a Pro Level Judge clinic, and Snowboard Official clinic.

With the development of sanctioned and unsanctioned competitions in the past year, coupled with the Olympic halfpipe selections that will be taking place, it is going to be a busy season for the IJC and its partners USASA, USSA, CSF and the various independent organizers we support. In response to this growth, the IJC has made certain changes to accommodate this rapid expansion and to deal more effectively with our partners and you, the judges and TS’s.

The progression of judging and officiating, as well as the formats we use at a wide range of competitions, is constantly undergoing change. By soliciting and incorporating rider feedback, the IJC is able to be responsive to the needs of the riders and translate those needs into better judging and competition formats.

In addition, the IJC also realizes the need for more qualified judges and trained snowboard officials in North America to judge and supervise events ranging from the lowest level USASA or USSA regional contest to such large events as Nationals, Grand Prix’s, X-Games, Sims WCH, and the U.S. Open. These contests represent a very diverse and progressive group of competitions, more so than in anywhere in the world at this time in snowboarding. It is imperative, therefore, to structure a clinic that seeks to upgrade the skills of current pro judges and snowboard officials, as well as, train specific IJC instructors that can educate and certify national level judges to be used in the 30 + different areas of USASA, 7 USSA divisions, and also by the provincial organizations in Canada.

The primary goal of the IJC Judges Clinic is to train judges representing the USASA, USSA, CSF, as well as judges from our unsanctioned event partners, to serve as professional and highly skilled judges at all level of competition.

In order to accomplish this, the judging clinic will be divided into four distinct areas and will center on the three big freestyle disciplines: halfpipe, quarterpipe and straight air. In addition, we will cover the skills necessary to judge a slopestyle, specifically covering the rising element of rails. In each section we will focus on: developing better judging and evaluation skills, trick identification and difficulty, ranking, and judge systems and competition formats. Judges will discuss: new maneuvers, progression in the halfpipe, trick evaluation and difficulty for straight air and quarterpipe jumps, and share insights with current riders on what is taking place in the course of a competition.

Questions?Maria McNulty
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