KALISPELL, Mont.–Kazz Industries Inc. (ASE-KAZ) and its subsidiary Identity Snowboards Inc. have decided to go factory direct with custom snowboard orders over the Internet.

Under this new marketing strategy, the end user will be able to select the model, bindings, board size, composite materials and more importantly personalize the finished product utilizing an array of colors and graphic options at the companies website www.indentitysnowboards.com. Order fulfillment will be completed within a two-week production and shipping schedule.

“We’re like the Dell Computer of the snowboard industry,” says John McGinnis, President and CEO of Identity Snowboards Inc., a Kazz Industries subsidiary. Mr. McGinnis advises, “that this concept is similar to that of Dell Computer’s direct distribution method, which shifted an industry marketing and sales paradigm when it was founded in 1984. We believe our positioning into the e-commerce arena is timely to capture the growth of the Internet phenomenon and will create brand recognition with this segment of our target audience.”

Kazz Industries pursued this technology and marketing strategy in order to reduce inventories, improve turnover, keep product innovative and improve profitability for our dealers. “This is a value added sales tool for our retailers,” advises Mr. McGinnis. “The customer can actually touch and feel the product and order at the store to their exact specifications. The retailers are more involved with their customers and can build product loyalty.”

Kazz Industries Inc. and its subsidiary Identity Snowboards Inc. are currently engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing snowsports products, which have numerous diversified applications. The snowboard product line identifies four price points and Pro-Series models, including the world’s first translucent synthetic snowboards that are fully recyclable and unbreakable. The “Vector” display goggles giving the user “heads up display” indicating speed, temperature, time and slope. The Kazz “Talon” retractable ski-pole technology that has applications from automotive to self leveling photography tripods.

Kazz Industries Inc. believes in applying and capitalizing on the application of revolutionary technological and conceptual innovations developed within Kazz Industries to be applied to a multiple of industries and world markets.