How much do you think you could sell a pair of Jeff Brushie’s pants for in your shop? Thanks to San Diego-based snowboard apparel manufacturer SMP, you can do it through the whole next season.

SMP is making signature-model clothing for Brushie and their other three top-pro riders in what is a logical extension of professional snowboarders’ names to endorse a company’s products. With the program, Brushie, Rob Dafoe, Steve Graham, and Matt Smith have transcended the traditional team-member role to become both snowboard-apparel designers and royalty recipients.

SMP-owner Milo Meyers has implemented the program to reward his riders for promoting his products. “If I didn’t have a team, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he says.

Besides having to wear their signature model clothing through the season, the team riders were also required to assist with the designs. Meyers says the riders’ ideas posed creative challenges at times, but he’s pleased with the results. Although some of the pieces don’t fit into the rest of the line, he’s not concerned with how well they sell. As it turned out, Steve Graham’s outfits, which are probably the wildest of the group, were the best- and second-best-selling units to Japanese retailers, according to Meyers.

Within the SMP snowboard line, the signature clothes make up fourteen of the 33 outerwear pieces. For each signature jacket or pants sold, the team rider will earn a four-dollar royalty.

“I wanted to give these kids a future in the market,” he says. “They learned something about the business side by doing this, plus they have a stake in what sells. And they have the potential to make a lot of money this year.”

For more information, contact SMP at (619) 294-4088.

¿John Stouffer