I Ride Park City Episode 2

Alex Sherman, B/S 180 Stale.
Alex Sherman, stale to front lip.
Dan Brisse, I Ride Park City film session
Griffin Siebert, back 180 over down bar.
Mac Spedale, filming for I Ride Park City.
Sage Kotsenburg, back 180 Japan.
Scott Arnold, pole jam back 180 indy.
Stevie Bell, switch back lip.

Park City has been open for three weeks now. Here’s a taste of whats been going down. Alex Andrews, Dan Brisse, Alex Sherman, Blake Geis, Bode Merrill, Brandon Hammid, Griffin Siebert, Scotty Arnold, and Scott Stevens letting them know!

Shot and edited by Pat Fenelon.

Additional filming by Connor Brown.

As a little bonus, click this photo of Bode Merrill’s one-footer to view it larger and then drag it to your desktop to use as your computer wallpaper.

Bode Merrill. PHOTO: Rob Mathis