Hype Up: Wes Makepeace

By Andy Hetzel

Big, powerful, optimistic, generous, friend, Canadian, reigns in Whistler, rides for Lib Tech, Helly Hansen, Iris, and Vans. Skates, freerides like a champ, parents are cops, enjoys an occasional cold soaker, hits booters, believes in landing, rips the Banked Slalom, plays hockey, listens to David Allen Coe and Motorhead. Big mountain, brother rips too, hucks, looks like Chewbacca, plays guitar, has enough friends, too tough to die, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, shubada.

Wes charges. Whether he is pointing it at Baker, high-speed traversing at Whistler, or hittin' booters in the backcountry he gets props for his freeriding skills. He is also a goddamn nice guy. Thanks for being you, Wes. Word.