Hype Up: Shawn Farmer

Where do I start, what angle, what direction do I go? I guess I'll just give it to you straight like he would. First off, Farmer has more charisma in his pinkie toe than most have in their whole existence. There is'nt a single phony bone in the guy's body. What you see is what you f–kin' get, period! As far as snowboarding goes, I know for a fact, if you were to ask any snowboarder or skier about The Farm, what you'd procure is that he's one of the most respected riders of all time. On and off the snow the man is a flat-out genius. Sometimes very confused and misunderstood, but then again sharp as a tack. Brad Holmes' puts it something like this, “It's like being best friends with Charles Manson.” Farmer has brought something to snowboarding few others have done in the past and definitely by the look of things, few will do in the future, true originality, sensational diversity, unmatched flare, darelistic drunkenness, musical brilliance, the power of a pissed off bull, the heart of a lion, and most importantly, he is one of a kind.

“I know I can't look back/ I'll take a coke mixed with jack/ and you'll never see the Fizzo swing from a sack.” Lyrics from Farmers new song, “Fizz Is The Shiz.”

Shawn Farmer has probably been screwed over harder than most pro snowboarders times ten, but this resilient son of bitch keeps coming back with his fists up. For God's sake, he's been working 50-hour weeks black topping driveways and then he goes straight to the gym for a two hour work out! He will not go away, he will not let them win!

“I'm living broke as a joke–my whole life went up in smoke/ but my spirit still ain't broke enough to turn to dope.” More lyrics from “Fizz Is The Shiz.”

Of late, he's landed on his feet in the Burton camp, where he's very content. Other than wanting to get a 203 centimeter board built and getting his new band, Farmageddon, together, what the future holds for him, time will only tell. But never count the Fizz out!

“It's me against the world and I'm losing the fight, I still keep swinging in the darkness until I see some light.”–Shawn Farmer