Hype-Up: Shannon Melhuse

Shaman Hype-Up

By Dave Sypniewski

A long time ago at Mt. Hood, world-renowned racer Shannon Melhuse gave an aspiring young shredder some neon Rossignol hard boots and a few pointers on how to turn better. They had known each other all of a week, but that's just who Shannon is–a friendly, generous, polite, helpful person.

Most of the world knows of Shannon Melhuse as a racer, and it's true, he's one of the greatest racers ever. On the GS course he's known for his smooth style and technical precision. But Shannon should be known for being a great snowboarder, that same smooth style that defines his racing translates in to all of his riding. Whether it be a chute at Island Lake Lodge, a summer-camp pipe at Mt. Hood, or a freshly groomed roller run at Mt. Bachelor, he rips it all.

MLY, Nike, Smith Optics, and Dakine help to keep Shannon on the mountains were he belongs, and flowers help keep those neon hard boots on a windowsill were they belong.