Lately, I have been hearing a lot of talk about how I have miraculously pulled myself out of the pit of the washed, and I thought I should clear things up.

Yes, I did disappear for a short period of time. I think I heard rumors that I joined the snowlerblade tour. Wrong. I might do some corny shit, but I do have my standards. In truth, I got a little burnt out and suffered a few stupid injuries-I definitely was not riding enough powder.

What I have been doing? I’ve always been doing the same damn thing. When I got hurt, our “industry,” being as loyal as it is, shuffled me out of the lineup like a bad music video. Lucky for me, though, I like to snowboard too damn much to go quietly into the sunset. Instead I moved to Mount Hood Meadows, joined the infamous Fifth Grade, and rode more powder days than I could count. I forgot about all the bullshit and remembered why I shred, because it’s the shit. So don’t call it a comeback.