Hype Up Jeff Brushie

Questions by Greta Brumbach

It seems you've been keeping a real low profile lately. Why?

Well, most of it comes from following all the smaller U.S. tour contests around weekend after weekend. They're very fun, but they take up all your time on the weekends and most of the week because I drive to them, which means I don't have too much extra time to just go off and take some good photos. People don't really take many photos of these contests any more, so you don't get seen there. When I do have extra time, I really enjoy just hanging out somewhere, where there is a good pipe and sessioning it with some good friends. That's the best–you're bullshiting with your buddies, you're learning new shit because you don't have the stress from a contest or an event. There's nothing like it. If I had a choice I'd do that all season long! It's kind of like if your buddy down the street has a sick skate ramp and everybody goes and skates it everyday, all your good friends just learning stuff and having a great time everyday. That's the most fun you can have! One other reason why people look at me as low pro, or think I don't even snowboard anymore is because I don't try to always follow photographers around. I don't call photographers and filmers asking them if they want to shoot. I've never been like that. It's almost like your asking them if you can tag around with them, and that just doesn't feel right to me.

To tell you the truth, I'd rather be at my local pipe sessioning with some buddies, learning new things, and if someone is taking pictures while I'm doing it, that's a plus! Maybe they'll get a good shot and maybe some people will see the pic somewhere. I've just never been into really pursuing it coverage like a lot of kids do nowadays, but if you want to be seen you got to do it and I know that. I just have a hard time pulling away from those fun sessions– I'll get out there and get some shit this season.

Are you over it?

Hell no! I always want to snowboard. I love pipe and I love pow. I'll never be over that shit. I mean there are certain things I'm “over” when it comes to the industry part of it. I'm over the shit talkers, the squirrels, people thinking they are hot shots, cool guys who think they are the shit and you're a piece of shit. Why people are like that, I don't know? I've always been taught to keep my mouth shut! If you block all that bullshit out and just think about riding–there is nothing like it.

Some people say you helped bring the freestyle/halfpipe movement to the level it is today–what are your thoughts on that?

I don't know about that? I thought everyone forgot about me!

Isn't that why we are doing this. Laughs.