Hype Up: Jason Basraich

Once upon time there was a hilarious ad marketing Bas as the world’s greatest snowboarder. If you only new how true that was.

Jason Basraich is his full name, and supposing you ever do get the chance to meet him, do yourself a favor and call him Bas. It’s not that he’s a mean fellow-he just likes things simple. This is especially true when it comes to snowboarding. Not insinuating that he’s all about the powder turn, ’cause Bas can flip and spin while going LARGE with the best of them. Simply means he hates all the bullshit and hype that goes with being a “pro” snowboarder. You probably think being “pro” is all lollipops and rainbows, but you don’t know about missing some of the best days at home because you’re at a demo (usually in Japan) jumping a ten-foot gap with an uphill landing, or out high-fiving people you don’t really know at some trade show. “Pros” constantly have people telling them to do stupid things, putting their names on product they’re not happy with-compromising ideals sure can get on your nerves.

Bas has recently started Dammage Inc. to bring back the type of snowboard company he feels got lost somewhere along the way. Journalistic integrity prevents me from making this in to a Dammage ad, but if I was still harboring dreams of being a professional rider, this is the board sponsor I would want: a company that focuses on the product and takes care of the people involved. This is not that common these days, but that’s another speech, from which I will spare you.

Fishing, hunting, and Mopar are a few things that Bas is into, next to Zoe (Bas’ lovely wife), snowboarding is his number-one passion. These days, if you ever go to Mt. Baker, the chances of you riding with Bas are slim to none. It’s not that Bas doesn’t like riding at other places, it’s that he figures why leave when you love what you’ve got in your own backyard? By the way, this isn’t a invitation to come ride Baker, especially if you think you’re going to come and show everybody something new.

Actions speak louder than words. Go ride with Bas and find out the truth-if he doesn’t ditch you first.