Hype Up Adam Meriman 14.5

To say nice things about Adam Meriman is easy. You could talk about how girls find Radam to be generous and sweet, and how he’s always there for his friends, like when he writes their names on the nose of his board and gets them minted. You can say how Radam did the biggest McTwist ever at Vail Pass, and that he’s a part of the reigning World Champion Boardercross Team. And there’s the fact that he rides Vail every day and is still loyal, even though it’s flat as hell and every respectable pro has split. You can tell Radam likes to include everyone because he skates goofy and is still an original member of the ARA an organization for regular-footed snowboarders. It should also be stated that every sponsor dissed his “Fat Bob.” You can say how Radam has quit quitin’ again, once again. But it’s also easy to acknowledge that Radam bitches like no other.