All you little snowshredders better watch out! Kearns has decided to put down his camera and dust off his old Craig Kelly. These shots were just taken last summer. Rumor has it there may be room for him on the Forum Team this next season.-Sean Johnson

Sean Kearns could possibly be the best thing that’s ever happened to snowboarding, or to planet Earth for that matter. He’s 100-percent original and won’t hesitate to tell his friends or enemies to piss off. Along with Johnson and Boozy the Clown he helped create the Whiskey series, which are the most entertaining snowboarding movies ever made. His contribution to the sport is at times unfathomable. Who could ever forget Kearns’ groundbreaking mogul part in Two Skunks Pumping’s production 20/20? I know Ruhter and I will never forget the time we flew up to Canada to film with Kearns and he locked himself in a dark hotel room with a bottle of Absolut for three days. Ol’ Dirty Kearnso, you’re the best!-Nathan Yant