Humor in Ads Have Highest Recall Among Youth

October 27, 02003, Los Angeles, CA--Key research findings show that humorous advertising ranks as the most memorable type of ad among 13-24-year-olds, according to the North American Youth Culture Study produced by Label Networks, Inc., the youth culture marketing intelligence and research company known for obtaining authentic research from hard-to-reach global markets. Of the 1,868 young people surveyed in face-to-face interviews from 48 markets in North America as part of Label’s omnibus study on the youth market, 65% said what makes an ad most memorable to them is if the advertisement is funny. Females ranked humor at 67% compared with males at 63%. The Study also ranks other memorable aspects young people look for in ads and why, plus advertising and purchasing influences, and spending patterns in various categories.

“While it’s widely known that the youth market is elusive and savvy to advertising, they are not necessarily opposed to all ads,” says Kathleen Gasperini, Vice President of Label Networks. “Young people often said they consider ads as short forms of entertainment. Creativity, Real to My Lifestyle, and Irony were among the top expressions they used to describe what they look for in effective advertising intended for them.”

By age, advertising influences shift. Young people between the ages of 13-15, followed by 18-20, rank humor with higher percentages than other age groups. Based on Label’s psychodemographic TraitsĂ", or personality profiles from responses to specific behavioral questions also in the Study, the majority of 13-17-year-olds are “Seekers” characterized as enthusiastic, compulsive consumers motivated by experiencing new things. Humor is an effective advertising method for reaching Seekers. Seekers are also noted for spending a comparatively high portion of their allowance or part-time job money on clothing--especially accessories--which can change their look in an instant without wiping them out financially. Seeker characteristics indicate they love being with friends, crave comedy or horror movies (females preferring horror to males) and scary rides. They absorb information extremely fast and seek the “story” or point of an advertisement in short-bite cadences.

While results of the Study indicate key results of likes and dislikes in ads, it also makes clear why young people are so savvy to advertising and marketing targeted at them. They can quickly turn off campaigns that smack of insincerity to their lifestyle. The most devastating side-effect of off-target ads is brand backlash, whereby young people not only dislike an advertising campaign, but become repulsed by the brand producing it because, in their minds, the brand so obviously “doesn’t get it.”

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Label Networks’, 240-page, 4-color North American Youth Culture Study is intended for brands and agencies needing authentic metrics by gender, age, region, and ethnicity, including quantitative and qualitative results on the youth market, their preferences, habits, lifestyle, and future concerns in the fields of: advertising, fashion, music, technology and the internet, sports, video gaming, spending patterns, food and beverages, cell phone usage, communication patterns, entertainment and media preferences, lifestyle interests, and psychodemographic traits. The North American Youth Culture Study also includes an additional 168-page Street Fashion section comprised of 900 edited and categorized photos, editorial summaries stating influences, styles, and inspiration. The images in this section not only capture fashion trends and mainstream acceptability of style among the 48 regions covered in the Study, but also unsolicited expressions, attitude, and passion: key moments that illustrate the state of youth in a particular area, inspired from a particular genre. The visual impact of this section has been noted among global brands for inspiring new ideas for corporate branding, marketing, design, and advertising.

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