How To Snowboard: Switch Backside Air On A Hip With Eero Ettala

Eero has never been one to follow in anyone's footsteps, seen here by stepping up switch to this pinner Sierra-at-Tahoe hip.

Approach: With hips, it's best to scope them out first. Make note of the best takeoff point by putting a mark in the snow or mentally jotting it down—you'll know the best angle each and every time.

Takeoff: Ride up the takeoff on a slight toe edge, the same as you would for a switch straight air on a jump. Start small by just riding off the lip, coming in faster and ollieing harder with each go.

Maneuver: Once you've hit the air, grab between your bindings with your back hand for a proper switch Indy. Begin to tilt your weight slightly forward with your chest, helping your body get ready for the transition landing.

Landing: You'll be spotting your landing from the takeoff, so no worries there. Try and catch the landing as high on the tranny as possible, slightly over your nose to help prevent the elevator-shaft drop-in.

Remember: Riding switch strongly is a must. Practice first with switch straight airs on jumps, and try dropping into halfpipes switch.

Trick To The Trick: Hips can be board-breakers. The trick to the switch air on a hip is leaning your weight forward and over your nose, preventing you from slipping out on your tail when you come back into the transition.


Eero Ettala. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen 

From the March 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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