How To Snowboard: Switch Backside 720 With Torstein Horgmo

How To Snowboard: Switch Backside 720

With Torstein Horgmo

Of the four directions to spin, switch backside is by far the hardest and most daunting. Torstein breaks down a true contest trick all the way to its core.

Approach: Drop in switch on a direct line toward the takeoff. About twenty yards from the beginning of the jump, leave that line with your heel edge, taking you to the outside. As you begin to climb, shift back onto your toes, and begin to load up your arms and shoulders for the launch.

Takeoff: By going out of the line and then back in, you're setting your takeoff point. Resist pre-spinning as long as possible, waiting until the very top of the lip to snap your front shoulder and head inward.

Maneuver: Once you hit the air and begin to spin, reach down for your grab. To not get stalled at 540, dip your head down to your back shoulder after 360. Don't get caught up looking for your landing; continue to look past your back shoulder 'til the very end.

Landing: Release your grab after 540 degrees, opening your body to slow down or staying compact if you're coming up a bit short. Stomp the landing on your toes, which always helps your control when coming down switch.

Remember: Having that solid toe grip on the way up to the lip is where all the upper-body spin power comes from.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to any switch backside spin is to continue to lead with your head. No amount of snap will get you around 720 degrees unless your head is continuing to look past your shoulders the entire way.

Torstein Horgmo. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

From the March 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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