How To Snowboard: Backside 180 Tailgrab With Chas Guldemond

Back 180s have always been one the most stylish tricks in snowboarding. Everyone does them differently, adding their own spice to the pot. Chuck G's got 'em locked, taking his tail to this massive Northstar jump.

Approach: As you're riding up to the jump, come in with a setup turn on your heel edge. As you start climbing toward the lip, shift your weight to your toe edge, with a slight toe pressure near the top.

Takeoff: Pop off of your toes, with a slight inward turn of your front shoulder. Keep your head, shoulder, hips, and knees in line, helping to keep your spin slow and controlled—especially important when sending back 180s off of larger jumps.

Maneuver: At about 45 degrees, reach down for your tailgrab. Don't follow with your head and start looking over your shoulder—you're keeping everything in line with the board. Just bend your knees to get the grab and tweak it good.

Landing: Backside 180s will go blind for a second, but glancing through your legs for the landing will cut that moment very short. Land switch, with your head following to look downhill. Or be like Chas: look back uphill at the cameras, silently claiming the hell out of your stomp.


Remember: Don't turn your head too fast, and don't let loose of your shoulders—keep them squared over your board the entire way.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to backside 180 tailgrabs is to keep your body square with your board the entire way around. Leading with your head too much will cause you to overrate to a 360 or worse—toe edge 270 … ouch.

From our How To Snowboard series The backside 180 is one of the most classic tricks in all of snowboarding. Watch Chas Guldemond as he adds his own little twist.

From the February 2011 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and 20 Tricks Vol. 4

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