How To: Snow Camping with Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones spent some time in the wild last winter. That’s an understatement if there ever was one. Jones got deep filming for Deeper and he’s still out there getting deeper yet. We’re pretty damn inspired by Jones and crew and are already planning our own camping adventure this winter. You should do the same. Here’s some pointers on snow camping from Jeremy himself.

Toward camp.  PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

Toward camp. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

Why do you enjoy camping out in the snow?
I love setting up camp at the base off some sick bowl or face.  It is like having your own perfect ski resort to you and your friends.  Riding into camp at the end of the day, watching the sunset, star gazing and watching the sunrise. Solitude.

What are the most essential things to have when camping in the snow?
Research the right gear.  If you are dialed it is very enjoyable.  If you are not it is miserable. Warmth is key.
Down booties, Down Jacket, wool socks for night time and a  good sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

What’s the single best piece of you’ve advice received regarding camping in the snow?
Bring a positive attitude.

And do you have any warnings to anyone considering sleeping in the woods.
Be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning from cooking in a tent or a snowcave and do not sleep in an avalanche path.

Man camp. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

Man camp. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

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Gear up. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

Gear up. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

Jonaven Moore. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

Jonaven Moore. PHOTO: Jeremy Jones

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