How To Get In Shape For Snowboarding

How To Get In Shape For Snowboarding

We know you're reading this and it's still summer outside. Cruel, eh? While you're killing time until that snow falls, here are a few things you can do to get in shape for snowboarding this season.

Tips for getting In Shape For Snowboarding

1. Skateboard

If there's one thing that can step up your shred game more than anything else, it's skateboarding. Hitting the ol' wheelie deck will keep your ollie and balance skills on point—not to mention step up your style. Who knows, you might even learn a new jib trick you can take to the park when the snow hits.


2. Stretch It Out

Start a simple stretching routine and focus on your hips, legs, and lower back—they take a beating from snowboarding. If you get going now, you'll be limber by the time the season hits. Stay on it and those exotic grabs will be an easy reach. Go a step further and start yoga classes. Two words: yoga pants.


3. Ride A Bike

Whether it's smashing the local bike park and trails, rolling doped-up like Lance, or just cruising your cute fixie to 7-Eleven, it's all good. Biking strengthens your lower body and valuable suspension (your knees) a ton. The cardio workout will also help you crush it on those days when you have to hike to ride.


4. Get Wet

If you have the luxury of water sports, soak 'em up. Surf: It's the closest thing to a pow day. Wakeboard: It'll help you dial in that edge control. Get weird and go SUPing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, swimming, whatever. All are ways to keep your balance and core muscles moving in a different state of snow.


Just The Tip

Do anything but sit on your ass, seriously. If you want to shred like a champ, you have to play like one. So get out and play.

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Illustrations: Shawn O'Keefe