How To Snowboard: Pole Jam to Frontside 360

With Marko Grilc

Marko leads you up and out from Winter Park's massive tree jam, floating front threes clean to the transition.

Approach: Before stepping up to a spin out, dial in your speed by sending a few straight airs off the pole. Come in at the same pace, with one or two setup turns to get comfortable. About five feet before the pole, line your board up with pole's center, approaching completely flat-based.

Takeoff: Ride flat-based all the way to the end of the pole, with your hips and knees pointing right at the takeoff point. As you approach the top, begin to open your front shoulder and turn your head, which will get the spin going once you've left the pole. Important: Do not turn your board along with your shoulders—toe edge catches off of pole jams are not fun.

Maneuver: Give a solid ollie off the pole, allowing your board and legs to come around with your shoulders once you're clear. Suck up your knees, continue looking over your front shoulder, and try to keep your arms down and not flapping—sleepy style, all day.

Landing: Spot the landing between your legs at 270 degrees, and as long as you're over the knuckle, put down the landing gear and ride away hyped.

Remember: Unlike a regular snow jump, any extra pressure on your edges can be an adventure. Keep it flat-based from start to finish.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to any pole jam is to remember that it's a combination of a box and a jump. Dial frontside spins off of boxes and front threes off of park jumps, and then put them together when you step to the pole jam.


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